How to Apply in a Job(with New Registration) :

To apply a job at first, you need to register in CARE recruitment system (New Registration).
Please follow the guidelines below.

1. PERSONAL DETAILS- You must insert value in all mandatory fields in this section. Age limitation is 18 to 62.


3.PROFESSIONAL DEGREE AND TRAINING-. It's similar as previous step.

4. OTHER INFORMATION- In this section, give your language proficiency, additional information, along with photograph, CV and cover letter and references.

5. Finally submit your CV and view your resume. Then your registration is completed. If any correction needed, can edit your profile.

6. Now you can apply for job. The apply process is described bellow:
          1. First, go to home page and select your desired post. You can see the job details and a button "Apply Online" at last. The click the button and login using your registered email and password.
          2. After successfull login, can view your resume. At the bottom of resume, you will get the "Apply Now" button. By clicking it, get the "Conviction Disclosure" . If you have any, give the details, otherwise press "Submit" button. Now, your apply process for the post has been completed. Remember, you cann't duplicate your application for the same post. For another job application, follow the same process.

7. 7. Even without any application, you can login into your profile and update it, along with changing your password

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If you face any problem to apply online then please send a feedback here
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