1. I cannot attach my resume/CV, cover letter and photograph to my application. What should I do?

Our system allows for attachments of up to 200KB and supports doc, docx and pdf document types. Please check your file size/type and change if necessary and attach. We suggest that your resume be no longer than 4-5 pages. The maximum size for Photograph is 100KB and minimum size is 10KB. It has to be in jpg or jpeg format. Cover letter can be up to 100KB and no longer than 1-2 pages. If you are still unable to complete the online application process, please mail your resume to us at: Manager - HRD&M, CARE Bangladesh, 20-21, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka 1215

2. May I submit an application via regular mail or email?

Applications for vacancies must be submitted online. They will not be accepted by any other means (paper, email, fax, etc.). This will ensure that your information is captured in our database.

3. How will I know if my application and resume were received?

You will receive an acknowledgement via email. Please note, due to high volume of applications, recruiters are unable to accept phone calls.

4. I would like care to keep a copy of my resume on file. How can I submit my resume if I am not applying for a specific job?

Please submit a general application on CARE's main page through new registration menu. However, please note that this will not automatically apply for you to any position. You must apply directly for any position in which you wish to be considered.

5. How do I edit my application?

To edit your application, log back into your profile by clicking here, entering your username (your registered email address) and password.
You can view your application in the "View Resume" link, add additional cover letters, update your resume or make changes to the application.

6. What happens after I submit my application?

Your application will be considered for the positions you specified. If selected, a recruiter will contact you directly. If not selected, your application will remain in our database and can be matched against future openings. Also, you can login at any time to apply to additional positions and make edits on your application. Please note, due to high volume of applications, recruiters are unable to accept phone calls.

7. I am having technical difficulties submitting an application online, what can I do?

If you encounter any technical difficulties, we suggest you use one of the following web browsers for optimal performance with our system. As new browsers and versions are released into the market we conduct testing across the platform and update this topic to reflect additions.
   1. Internet explorer 10,11 or above
   2. Firefox 29 or above

"For best performance please use Internet Explorer 10 or above or Mozilla Firefox 29 or above"
If you face any problem to apply online then please send a feedback here
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